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PULVERMEISTER Typ3 is the first fully automated post processing solution (depowdering and blasting) for plastic powderbed built parts.
PULVERMEISTER Typ3 is ideal for industrial bulk parts and reliable serial production.
PULVERMEISTER Typ3 is 'made in Germany'.


Treatment: (1) approximately 23 litres(2) of SLS/MJF(3) per hour(4).
Earnings: Costs are about 23 euros(5) per hour(4).
Advantage: Improved working conditions for your employees(6).
Quality: Consistent results(7).
Reuse: Used powder ready to be refreshed(8).
Cost: EUR 239 000(9).

Following you can find further detailed information to evaluate if this system meets your requirements. We invented - and internationally patented - this process, which we use for production on a daily basis. We now offer the third iteration (therefore Typ3) of the machine, improved by over 3 years of operating experience.

1) Place the built compartment into machine. Press start button. Wait configured time. Take out finished parts and used powder. Done.

2) The PULVERMEISTER Typ3 can accept up to 42 Liters per cycle. In one hour we process around 23 Liter of our PA11 black parts (PA12 takes significantly less time).

3) PULVERMEISTER Typ3 processes AM plastic parts built in the powderbed process, not FDM, SLA or other.

4) We dramatically cut cost and worktime for depowdering and surface treatment (up to 40% total cost saving for parts production!). Different powder qualities, shape, cavities and part sizes have a direct effect on processing time.

5) Average expenses may differ, depending on your cost for compressed air supply, electrical power and blasting material.

6) Much less exposure to powder particles (avg. 50 micron particle size, comparable to soot or coal dust).

7) Same parameters, same results, every time.

8) Our handover process (from depowdering to blasting) is contamination free. We use an under pressure circuit for the transportation of the powder whilst depowdering. In this transportation process the powder is swirled and sieved before it ends in the storage container. This resulting in contamination free powder with no lumps.

9) PULVERMEISTER Typ3 is a meticulously engineered and constructed machine, using only highest quality components from german industry. It is built with one sole purpose: To optimise your industrial production for obtaining best results in quality and price.

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